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An avid reader and writer, Drew has authored books on company culture and digital marketing.

The Best Book for Improving Workplace Culture

RETAIN: How to Create An Incredible Company Culture that No One Wants to Leave

Drew’s latest book, RETAIN, is the definitive guide for leaders who desire to create a workplace that employees love and never want to leave. In this comprehensive book, you'll learn how to craft an incredible company culture that not only boosts employee satisfaction but drives business success.

Drew Harden, CEO & Founder of Blue Compass, draws upon his successful journey of turning a toxic workplace into an award-winning company culture that maintains incredible employee retention. His experiences inspire and equip leaders to create workplaces where people experience joy and growth.

 What Readers are Saying

"This is a well-written guide with useable examples on how you can improve the culture in your office or team. If you want to build a team that enjoys their jobs, dive into this book."

- Amazon Review


In this book, you'll discover the five keys necessary for a thriving company culture. You’ll also learn how to defeat gossip, drama, and other enemies of a strong culture.

RETAIN isn’t just about theory - it’s packed with real-world examples Harden has used to create positive, supportive workplaces. You’ll find practical tips that you can use to put these ideas into action.

In RETAIN, you will learn to:

  • Acknowledge team members in effective ways
  • Elevate your workplace to a positive, thriving environment
  • Build a strong remote or hybrid company culture
  • Add more spontaneity and fun to the workplace
  • Enable employees to be more understanding and supportive of one another
  • Keep departments in harmony
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Use your culture to attract new talent and business
  • And much more

This book isn’t just for CEOs, executives or managers. Anyone can use these principles to improve their work environment because a title doesn’t make you a leader - your actions do.

Whether your organization has three employees or 30,000, these principles will help you create a workplace that talented people never want to leave.

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