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Leadership & Company Culture Consultant

Are you struggling to build a positive and supportive work environment? Is employee retention and engagement an issue for your organization?

Drew Harden is a dynamic leader who has crafted an incredible company culture at his company, Blue Compass. He is passionate about helping other organizations improve their workplace culture and create a supportive, joyful work environment.

Blue Compass is no ordinary company; it has won numerous national awards for its workplace culture. Drew has played a vital role in developing and implementing the culture at Blue Compass. He has firsthand experience of the positive impact that a supportive and fun work environment can have on a company and its employees.

Drew can help bring this culture to your organization. He can work with your business in one of two ways: one-time workshops or ongoing consulting services.

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Company Culture Workshops

One-time workshops are ideal for organizations that want to learn how to shift their culture to be more positive. Drew guides the leaders of your team and helps them understand how to be better leaders. He shares practical tips and strategies that focus on his Five Keys of Incredible Company Culture. Drew's workshops are engaging and interactive, leaving participants feeling inspired and motivated to create a wonderful workplace culture.

An example title and description of one of Drew's sessions:

How to Shift to a Thriving Company Culture Workshop

A two hour session with your key leaders, this workshop focuses on identifying the negative factors of your organization's culture and charting a more positive path your leaders can follow. It begins with a discovery session to clearly define where your workplace environment is and where we want it to go. Once this is established, Drew dives into the five essential keys to a company culture and shares actionable ways your leaders can begin shifting the company direction from negative to positive. 


  • two-hour session with key leaders
  • Quick Guides to the Five Keys of Incredible Company Culture 
  • Copies of Drew's company culture book: RETAIN

Interested in a workshop? Reach out to us.

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Company Culture Consulting

If you're looking for a more in-depth approach to improving your company culture, then ongoing consulting services may be the right choice for you.

Drew's consulting services begin with an in-depth discovery meeting, where he assesses your current company culture and identifies areas for improvement. He then provides regular guidance and check-ins with your key leaders to ensure that your organization is on track to create a supportive and positive work environment.

Turning the trajectory of a negative workplace around isn't a simple task; it requires dedication and commitment. Your business leaders must be willing to put in the work to improve. Drew will walk with them to ensure they receive the support they require.

Drew's consulting services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. He understands that every company has its own culture, challenges, and strengths. His approach is flexible and adaptable to ensure that he provides the right support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Drew's approach is grounded in research and proven strategies for building a positive work environment. He draws on his experience at Blue Compass and his expertise in leadership and workplace culture to provide practical and effective solutions.

Contact Drew today to learn how he can serve you with corporate culture consultation.