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As CEO of Blue Compass, a leading digital marketing agency, Drew Harden has led countless search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing projects for clients such as Spalding Sports Equipment, NAPA Auto Parts, Farm Bureau Financial Services and Chevron Renewable Energy Group. Drew and his team tackle every digital marketing challenge from content writing and keyword research to local and technical SEO.

Drew draws upon these rich experiences to provide powerful digital marketing speeches on the essentials of SEO in a clear, engaging format that leaves attendees with actionable takeaways to implement into their own businesses. 

"It was one of the best marketing sessions I've attended and everyone was very impressed. Drew has such a great speaking style - he is extremely knowledgeable, relatable and engaging. I look forward to hearing him again in the future!"

- Amy Kolner, Integrity Integrated

Learn the Basics of SEO & Key Digital Marketing Tactics With an SEO Speaker

Throughout his time building Blue Compass from the ground up, Drew has gained many stories and developed dozens of fascinating case studies from unique SEO challenges his team tackled in the 15+ years since the agency was created.

In his presentations, Drew shares stories of SEO tactics and campaigns that worked incredibly well and brought in massive increases in website visitors and profits, as well as a few strategies that didn’t work so well — and what he learned from that. His deep knowledge of Google is invaluable for marketers and business owners.

His keynote speeches are perfect for audiences of any marketing knowledge level. He can cover the basics of SEO, such as how to conduct keyword research, or dive into advanced concepts like how to appear in Google’s featured snippet section or how to push competitors off of page one in Google’s search results page. Drew is an expert of everything from technical SEO to AI-powered search (Chat GPT, Google Bard, etc.) to local SEO. 

seo marketing speaker

Whether Drew speaks to a group of 10,000 participants or addresses a small group of business owners, he is able to cater to the needs and skill level of each attendee to help them walk away with a clearer picture of what SEO is, why it matters and how to implement it into their own marketing departments.

An example title and description of one of Drew's keynotes on SEO: 

How to Prepare for Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2024
With Google constantly changing, it can be difficult to decipher the best way to impact your target audience in search. This session will offer guidance, answers and predictions for what will impact your brand's SEO in 2024, enabling you to gain more awareness and traffic in search, as well as prepare for the advent of AI-powered search.

Find Out How SEO Can Benefit Your Business By Booking Drew As A Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker

Gaining website visibility in Google is becoming more difficult and complex as algorithm changes constantly evolve and best practices change. Drew’s presentations work to break down barriers to teach the benefits SEO can have on your business. If you’re looking to learn how to drive higher-quality traffic and improve your website’s user experience, book Drew now.